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Ready Pack

Ready Pack

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Protect Your Gear & Be Ready to “Bug Out” At a Moment’s Notice

The Ready Pack gives you a convenient way to store everything you need to navigate an emergency in one place – so you can grab it and flee to safety in minutes.

Here are just a few of the reasons it makes a perfect “Go Bag”...
  • Massive Capacity: This 35 Liter pack holds tons of gear. Plus, it has a variety of compartments and dividers to keep everything perfectly organized.

  • Flies Under the Radar: With a totally nondescript appearance, this bag won’t give away anything you’re carrying. It may have all the life-saving gear you need, but nobody will ever know.

  • 100% Collapsible: The Ready Pack easily stuffs inside itself when not in use.

  • Featherweight Construction: Believe it or not, the Ready Pack weighs just 10 ounces. That’s no more than a full can of soda!

  • Bombproof Materials Sewing: The Ready Pack is made with top-of-the-line, premium Nylon with reinforced stitching, so it’ll stand up to years of abuse.

  • Superior Weight Distribution: Thanks to its robust construction, the Ready Pack sits evenly across your back and won’t sag or tilt when you put heavy items inside.

  • Super Comfortable: Breathable mesh and carefully designed shoulder straps make for an incredibly comfortable back to carry.

  • Multi-Use Practical: The Ready Pack is perfect as a “Go Bag”... but also great for traveling, camping, hiking, the gym, or really whatever you want!
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