Ready For Anything Kit

Ready For Anything Kit

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Ready For Anything Kit

Ready For Anything Kit

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This Bag Solves the #1 Mistake Most People Make When Preparing for a Crisis

Here’s the #1 mistake most people make when getting ready for a crisis…

They get caught up worrying about long-term readiness… when in reality, most crises only last 3 days max.

That means if you want to be ready to survive the most common kinds of emergencies, you do NOT need to spend thousands of dollars prepping for the “end of the world.”

Instead, you just need to make a small, strategic investment in the key items that will keep you alive for at least 72 hours – in any situation.

That’s where the Ready for Anything Kit comes in…

This kit combines eight of our most popular emergency readiness products in one – to guarantee you have everything you need to navigate any crisis for at least 3 days or more.

  • Two Ready Filter Water Straws - each of these filters gives you over 1,500 liters of clean water. That’s enough for a whole year! With two of them, you can keep two people hydrated for 365 days (or just yourself for two years!)

  • Two 72-Hour Food Rations - this is the official emergency food of the US Coast Guard, and we’re giving you two of them! You get over 7200 calories total (enough to feed two people for three days). It also has a shelf life of up to 10 years and requires zero preparation.

  • 13-in-1 Outdoor Survival Kit - includes everything you could ever need for a primitive survival scenario, including a multifunctional compass, “survival chainsaw,” 120db rescue whistle, multi-use saber card, folding tactical knife, portable mini light, tactical torch flashlight, emergency blanket, tungsten steel tactical pen, retaining carabiner buckle, flint stone and striker, and a waterproof storage box to keep it all safe and secure.

  • Five “Hurricane-Proof” Match Sets - get the power to make a guaranteed fire in any conditions, no matter how damp it is outside. They light wet, are impossible to blow out, and even burn underwater!

  • Two Emergency Sleeping Bags - these amazing little bags protect you from the #1 killer in any crisis, which is death by exposure. They’re made with a special material that traps and reflects over 90% of your body heat back to you. In fact, NASA actually used the same material to insulate astronaut space suits! Plus, you can also turn it inside out to protect yourself from the heat as well.

  • Two Emergency Survival Jackets - built with the same NASA-approved, space age material as the Emergency Sleeping Bag, these ultra lightweight jackets give you the same protection, but while allowing you to walk and move around. With two of these, plus your two Emergency Sleeping Bags, you have the tools to keep four people safe from the elements!

  • Two Light Saver Tactical Lights - these insanely powerful little lights give you over 1000 lumens of blindingly bright light with an 8+ hour runtime. That’s enough to light up two football fields! They also have a built-in, 300 lumen side lantern that’s perfect for illuminating any room when the power goes out.

  • Massive 35L Collapsible Ready Pack - finally, we finish out this kit with a rugged backpack to carry all your gear for safe keeping. It’s made with nearly indestructible premium nylon, but it weighs just 10 ounces (about the weight of a can of soda!). It also includes a wide range of pockets and compartments to keep all your gear perfectly organized.

The retail value of this gear is well over $300 if you bought it all separately…

But you can get it all for a fraction of that price by grabbing this kit today!


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