Mini Shockwave Torch

Mini Shockwave Torch

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Mini Shockwave Torch

Mini Shockwave Torch

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800,000 Volts of Thug-Stopping Power In Your Pocket

America’s streets (and even suburbs) are getting more dangerous by the day.

The Shockwave Mini gives you a guaranteed way to protect yourself – no matter your age, size, or strength.

Here are just a few of the reasons why thousands of Americans carry it daily:

  • Powerful Enough to Disable Any Attacker Instantly: With 2 amps and 800,000 volts, the Shockwave Mini is actually strong enough to shatter the rhythm of a grown man’s heart!

  • Requires No License: Anyone can carry a Shockwave Mini without any paperwork or hassle.

  • Simple & Effective: You don’t need any training or experience to use this tool. Just press one little button to protect yourself at a moment’s notice.

  • Includes a 150 Lumen Stun Light: Not only will the Shockwave Mini incapacitate the biggest attackers… it’ll also blind and disorient them.

  • Uses a Built-In Safety: You can carry the Shockwave Mini with confidence, knowing it will never accidentally discharge.

  • Ultra Compact: Measuring at just 4.25” long, the Shockwave Mini fits in the smallest pockets and purses.

  • Tough As Nails: Built with a rugged yet superlight aluminum body, the Shockwave Mini is made to take years of abuse.

  • Never Needs Batteries: The Shockwave Mini uses a long-life rechargeable battery; just plug it in via USB into any wall, computer, etc., and it’s fully charged in 2-3 hours.

  • You Can Take It Anywhere: Since the Shockwave Mini looks like a normal innocent flashlight, you can take it many places where other self-defense tools would never be allowed!

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