Light Defender Tactical Laser

Light Defender Tactical Laser

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Light Defender Tactical Laser

Light Defender Tactical Laser

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One of the Most Powerful Lasers Available to the Public

The Light Defender’s 532nm, 50 milliwatt beam is one of the strongest available to civilians. Service members in our Special Forces carry technology almost identical to what’s inside this laser every day…

And when you see what it’s capable of, you’ll instantly understand why…

  • Powerful Enough to Start Fires: If you point this laser at flammable material treated with an accelerant, you’ll get fire in seconds. It’s also powerful enough to pop balloons!

  • Ward Off Attackers At Close and Far Range: Of course, you should never point this laser at someone’s face unless you need to defend yourself, but you can just imagine what it would do to someone’s eyes if it can spark fire and pop balloons…

  • Bombproof Construction: Thanks to the Light Defender’s Aircraft Grade Aluminum case and reinforced componentry, you never have to worry about dropping it or accidentally breaking it.

  • The Ideal Emergency Signal: Since the Light Defender’s beam can be seen from literally miles away, it makes for the perfect way to call for help if you’re caught in a tight spot.

  • Increases Firearm Accuracy Instantly: Mount this laser to a rifle, zero it in, and you’ll immediately get rounds on-target more efficiently than any ordinary sight.

  • Makes a Great Backup Flashlight: While the Light Defender’s beam is very concentrated, it’ll still give you a ton of bright light in an emergency.

  • Perfect for Stargazing: Since the Light Defender’s beam is solid and visible miles into the sky, it’s great for pointing out celestial objects at night.

  • Great for Detering Pest Animals: Surprisingly, many people actually use this laser to scare off geese and other pest animals from their property. Most animals are terrified of it!

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