Hurricane Proof Matches

Hurricane Proof Matches

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Hurricane Proof Matches

Hurricane Proof Matches

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Get a Guaranteed Fire In Any Conditions!

Being able to start a fire is the biggest priority in any survival situation. But even with a lighter or traditional match, making fire can be a lot harder than you’d think!

Most firestarters are rendered useless with the tiniest bit of moisture.

But our Hurricane Proof Matches are guaranteed to light in any conditions!

  • Lights When Wet - 100% waterproof, they’ll spark right up in the wettest environment.

  • Impossible to Blow Out - totally windproof, even in gusts up to 100pmh.

  • Extended Burn Time - thanks to a lengthy 20 second burn time, you can light anything you need with a single match.

  • They Even Burn Underwater - yes, you read that right! Just look at the images to the left and see the proof!

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