Hero Headlamp

Hero Headlamp

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Hero Headlamp

Hero Headlamp

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Get a Full 270 Degrees of Hands-Free Illumination

Unlike normal headlamps that give you just one narrow beam, the Hero Headlamp uses an array of 40 separate LEDs to give you a massively wide field of light.

    • 3 Convenient Modes: The Hero Headlamp can be easily switched between high, low, and strobe modes with the press of a button.

    • Crazy Comfortable: A super soft plush strap makes the Hero Headlamp extra comfortable for long periods of use.

    • Accepts Standard AA Batteries: You can easily find replacement batteries and there’s no need to recharge since the Hero Headlamp takes three normal AA batteries.

    • 200 Lumens of White Hot Light: The Hero Headlamps 40 LEDs add up to give you a whopping 200 lumens of light.

    • “All Day” Battery Life: Thanks to its efficient electronics, the Hero Headlamp gives you 8-10 hours of light.

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