Emergency Survival Jacket

Emergency Survival Jacket

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Emergency Survival Jacket

Emergency Survival Jacket

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NASA-Based Technology Stops You From Freezing to Death

Crazily enough, the material used to create this Emergency Survival Jacket was actually developed by NASA.

What did they use it for?

Simple. It was designed to insulate spacesuits from the frigid cold temperatures present in the vacuum of space!

That’s just one of the many reasons it’s the perfect tool to keep you alive in a cold weather crisis…

  • 25x Lighter Than An Insulated Jacket: In contrast to heavy winter coats, the Emergency Survival Jacket provides incredible protection and weighs just 2.7 oz (less than three slices of bread).

  • 100% Windproof & Waterproof: In addition to retaining over 90% of your body heat, the Emergency Survival Jacket also creates an impenetrable barrier between your skin and any rain or wind. No other jacket on the planet with this size and weight can do that.

  • Smaller Than a Wallet: Small enough to fit in your pocket, go-bag, glove compartment, or really anywhere!

  • Lets You Move While Staying Protected: Unlike a tent, sleeping bag, or primitive shelter, the Emergency Survival Jacket allows you to move around freely while staying protected from the elements. This is crucial for times when you need to stay warm and dry, but can’t stay hunkered down in one place.

  • Fits Anyone of Any Size: Even though this jacket folds up smaller than a soda can, it unfolds to accommodate users of nearly any size (and will cover your backpack and gear as well).

  • Protects You From Heatstroke Too: Believe it or not, the Emergency Survival Jacket could save your bacon in scorching conditions just as easily as freezing ones. Its reflective polyethylene lining does an amazing job of deflecting the hot rays of the sun -- just reverse the jacket to stay cool.
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