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Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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This Incredible Little Bag Keeps You Alive In The Harshest Conditions

The #1 reason people die in a crisis has nothing to do with running out of food or water...

Instead, according to the CDC, the #1 killer in any crisis is death by exposure.

That’s right, exposure to the elements is more likely to kill you than anything else in an emergency.

That’s why having an Emergency Sleeping Bag in your survival kit is so smart…

  • Weighs Less Than a Zippo Lighter: At just 4.7 oz in weight, the Emergency Sleeping Bag actually weighs less than the average refillable lighter! That means you can easily take it everywhere.

  • Smaller Than a Soda Can: It’s also insanely compact, smaller than a can of Coke!

  • Fits Anyone of Any Size: Even though the Emergency Sleeping Bag packs down to such a tiny size, it easily expands to fit anybody.

  • Totally Weather Sealed: Not only will this bag keep you warm, it’ll also keep you totally dry and protected from the wind.

  • Uses Advanced, Space Age Materials: Crazily enough, NASA has actually used the same material in this bag to insulate astronaut suits! If it’s good enough for the sub-zero temperatures of space, it’s good enough to keep you alive in the cold!

  • Works In Hot Weather Too: If you’re stranded in scorching hot temperatures, just turn this bag inside out to reflect heat away from your body and get inside to prevent heat stroke.

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