Emergency Food Ration

Emergency Food Ration

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Emergency Food Ration

Emergency Food Ration

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During the pandemic, we all saw just how quickly store shelves can run dry.

But a global pandemic isn’t the only risk that could leave you without food…

A car breakdown or natural disaster can easily put you in the same dangerous position.

That’s why we’re proud to offer these 72-Hour Emergency Food Kits.

This is the Approved Emergency Food of the US Coast Guard – the branch of the military that can’t afford to go hungry when they're miles from land!

  • No preparation or water needed
  • 3600 total calories!
  • Sealed with virtually indestructible mylar
  • Has a 5-10 year shelf life

Not only will this previous source of calories keep you alive for days (or longer, if you ration it carefully)...

It’s incredibly compact so you can easily fit it in a backpack or glovebox!

So you can rest easy knowing it’ll be there whenever you need it.
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