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Bulletproof Home eBook

Bulletproof Home eBook

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According To The FBI, A Home Invasion Happens Every 20 Seconds In The United States

That's why you need an easy, foolproof way to turn your home into a fortress.

The Bulletproof home system does just that!

It’s based on years of military police experience and is exactly what you need to use tools from around your home to keep your home impervious to invasion.

Inside You'll Discover:


  • How to protect your front door so no man can ever break it down. 85% of home invasions take place at the front door and this simple system will give you 5 simple ways to turn your front door into a hardened barricade. And an inexpensive trip to your local hardware store will give you everything you need.

  • A simple flick of a hammer is all it takes to for an intruder to break through your window. You’ll discover the skills to turn your windows into nearly unbreakable panes of “transparent steel.”

  • One of the easiest places for thieves and intruders to gain access to your home is one that almost no one ever considers a risk. A few simple hidden screws will completely remove this point of entry.

  • There is one place in your home that is made to be broken into by design. Thousands of home invasions happen here but no one thinks to just remove the opportunity for intruders. You can remove this access point completely with a single snip of your scissors if you know where and what to snip.

  • How to keep criminals and any unwanted visitors from ever sneaking up to your house without you knowing is one of my favorite parts.

  • For anyone over 65, this system is even more valuable. You may not have the physical strength to fight off an intruder. So you must fortify your home and make sure no one can ever get in without your permission.

  • How to keep a SWAT team from smashing through your doors, walls, and windows whenever they please. And at the same time help law enforcement if you do need them.

  • What's the right kind of surveillance equipment and how to use it to actually deter criminals rather than just record them.

  • How to protect an apartment. Apartments can be difficult to protect by their very nature, you'll discover the system steps to solve this problem.

  • And that's just the first few sections. Wait till you find out about Panic Rooms, amazing stuff...


If you own a power drill and can get to the hardware store with $50 in your pocket then you have all the skills you need to create a home so secure a swat team would have trouble breaking in.

You'll literally save thousands by not having to pay for a home alarm and have an even more secure home by using the Bulletproof Home Security System.

The average alarm system costs around $50 per month in monitoring fees, and taxes that's $600 per year for something that wouldn't keep a 5-year-old out of a cookie jar.

And to get you prepared we're giving it to you for the low cost of 99 cents today!

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