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Self Defense Tactical Pen

Self Defense Tactical Pen

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This incredible tool looks like any ordinary ink pen to the untrained eye... but in a pinch, this "simple tool" goes from practical to tactical in a flash. It will stop an attacker in seconds flat, even if that thug is twice your size and you're out of shape. The tactical pen is a must-have for anyone concerned with their safety.

  • Discreet - Even through airport security.

  • Durable - Crafted from hardened aircraft-grade aluminum. Built to take abuse and dish out pain.

  • Ultimate In EDC Tech - Works just like a normal pen and even uses standard fisher space pen refills.

  • Insanely Low One-Time Offer - Normally $19.95 on Amazon, save 50% now and get Free shipping by adding it to your shipment today! This is your first, last, and only chance... don't miss out.
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