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Light Saver

Light Saver

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5 GREAT Reasons The Light Saver Will Become Your New Favorite Tactical Torch

Incredibly Lightweight and Compact
At just 3.75" in length and 3.3 oz. in weight the Light Saver easily slips into a shirt or pants pocket for all day carry.

Unbelievably Bright:
The Light Saver gives you 1000 lumens of white hot light. That’s enough light to shine all the way across a football field.

Gives You Hands Free Light - With a Built-in Headlamp Function:
On the side of the Light Saver is an 8-LED 300 lumen flashpanel. Just two clicks on the Light Saver’s rubber pressure switch activates the side panel on the Light Saver.

Doubles as a Room Brightening Lantern:
Clip it to the bill of a hat and you’ve got an incredibly bright headlamp that blasts away the darkness.

Zoom Focus for Perfect Illumination:
The Light Saver has 1-2000x zoom focus to help you get the exact light you need for any situation.

Few Quick Facts:
100% IP67 Waterproof Rating, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Housing, and Built-In Rechargeable Battery.

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