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Light Defender Tactical Laser

Light Defender Tactical Laser

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Light Defender’s 532nm diode blasts a concentrated beam strong enough to start a fire. Which means if things ever start going downhill fast you’re prepared.

  • It’s bombproof: If you’re going to trust your life to a tool, it’s gotta be tough. Thanks to its all aluminum construction and reinforced components you can treat it like dirt and it’ll work just as good as the day you got it. 

  • Can be used as an emergency signal: The Light Defender is so bright if you’re ever lost, you can use it as an emergency signal. In fact, that U.S. Navy said it was the best emergency signal of all time.

  • A great backup flashlight: While the beam’s quite concentrated, the total amount of light coming from the Light Defender is strong enough to give you tons of bright light in an emergency. 

  • Increases accuracy with a gun: Mount this to a rifle and it helps you get rounds on target much more efficiently than with ordinary sites. Great for self-defense and hunting too! 
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