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CIA Ice Defender

CIA Ice Defender

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Take a look at why you'll want to get the CIA Ice Defender today:

  1. Tough as nails: The polyresin your CIA Ice Defender is made of is one of the strongest materials on the planet! Use and abuse it for years and it’ll look just as good as the day you got it. Talk about a great investment. 

  2. Savagely sharp: The micro-planed edge is so sharp, you won’t believe it’s not metal. The CIA Ice Defender will easily slice right through the thickest ice and will subdue an attacker in seconds... keeping you safe in a dangerous world. 

  3. Weighs next to nothing: Unlike most ice scrapers, the CIA Ice Defender is practically weightless. It’s so light (just 0.6 oz.) you’ll never even notice you’re carrying it with you. 

  4. Easy to use: Just grip the CIA Ice Defender and put your finger through the hole and you can power through ice with zero issues. 

  5. Ultra comfortable: The rounded edges on the palm and finger hole of the CIA Ice Defender is extremely comfortable; making de-icing your car a pain free experience you won’t dread anymore. 

  6. Easy to conceal: The CIA Ice Defender is super thin and ultra-lightweight so you can carry it in a bag, a purse, or a pocket and carry it anywhere in the world. Also, since it is not made of metal, it won’t set off metal detectors and the simple design isn’t classified as a weapon so you can take it everywhere.
Product Specifics
- Made from super strong 'Zytel Polyresin'
- Durable handle to hang from
- One of the top EDC CIA tools
- Great for emergency use
- 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 inch wide blade
- Removes ice from your vehicle with ease
- Tough and light as a feather
- Made in the USA!
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